Crab And Whale: A New Way To Experience Mindfulness For Kids

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Based on over 20 years experience by mindfulness for kids expert Christiane Kerr, this is a fun and heartwarming story that subtly introduces the skills of mindfulness to children (ages 2 – 8). Children will find themselves becoming more aware of their own bodies, breath, emotions and surroundings without even realising it. Featured on ‘Seven Mindful Children’s books’ August 2018.

Crab and Whale are carefully designed to help even the most energetic children find a moment of calm and focus. Also includes a special mindful breathing exercise and affirmation for children.

  • Introduces mindfulness to kids aged 2 to 8
  • Based on 20 years’ experience working with children
  • Perfect for home and classroom use
  • Introduces the theme of kindness





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