How To Practice Self Inquiry

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Ramana Maharshi described how to practice Self Inquiry in many different ways. That is why this book has twenty-one chapters. These are the titles of the chapters: 1. Feeling. 2. Consciousness and Awareness. 3. See. 4. Find the Source. 5. The Seer. 6. Who am I? 7. The Self. 8. The Mind. 9. I-I. 10. Practice and Effort. 11. To whom? 12. The Heart. 13. I. 14. The Ego. 15. I thought. 16. Distractions. 17. The World. 18. Thought. 19. Look Within. 20. Desire, Eagerness and Determination. 21. Who. The quotes are from the book Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Some editions of Talks have more than seven hundred pages. Only a small amount of the book Talks is on the subject of how to practice Self-inquiry. That is because most questioners did not ask about how to practice Self-inquiry. Placing Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings about how to practice Self-inquiry from the book Talks into one small book, such as this one, saves the reader whose primary interest is in how to practice Self-inquiry from having to go through that huge book Talks trying to find Sri Ramana’s teachings on that subject. Georgia 15 type for crisp clear easy reading.




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