Light And Vibration: Consciousness, Mysticism And The Culmination Of Yoga

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In LIGHT & VIBRATION, Swami Sivananda Radha presents a living philosophy, an exciting exploration of higher consciousness that challenges spiritual preconceptions and stimulates deep reflection. Based on the understanding that the universe is made up of light and vibration, Swami Radha goes beyond the clothing of religious symbolism to help the student toward enlightenment. She explains how by opening the heart and exercising the mind, we can move beyond form, into more and more subtle realms of awareness. LIGHT AND VIBRATION is a reminder that we can all access the hidden place of the mind, a place where Light is always present. Swami Radha encourages seekers to undertake this exciting journey into the unknown. She offers us her knowledge of how light and sound can open us to the brilliant universe within. This book is a gathering of Swami Radha’s final years of work and expresses the culmination of her spiritual wisdom. She stretches the breadth of language to connect with the reader and to “explain the unexplainable.”




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