Relax And Renew

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Experience the rest of your life with restorative yoga, the supported poses, and breathing practices that will help you heal the effects of chronic stress. In Relax and Renew, the first book exclusively devoted to this work, you’ll find:


– In-depth guidance in Basic Relaxation Pose (Savasana), the heart of restorative practice, as well as the Centering Breath

– A general restorative sequence that explores backbends, an inverted posture, a twist, cooling forward bends, and a variation of Basic Relaxation Pose (Savasana)

– Sequences for busy days, including a fifteen-minute practice, yoga at your desk, and the Totally Invisible Relaxation

– Programs for back pain, headaches, insomnia, jet lag, and breathing problems

– A special section for women during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause

– A guide to props: what they are, where they go, how to fold and roll blankets, and around-the-house alternatives

– Supplemental resources, such as where to find a yoga teacher, recommended books, magazines, newsletters, audio programs, props, yoga vacations, etc.





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