Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Deck For Kids: For Therapists, Caregivers, And Yoga Teachers

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This deck of trauma-sensitive yoga forms is designed for facilitators and counsellors to help children focus on their own experience of each pose in the moment.

This deck of approximately 50 yoga poses was created for trauma-sensitive yoga facilitators and other counsellors, social workers, or caregivers who work with children to provide them different ways to practice noticing sensation and choosing how to move and be in their bodies. The deck does not offer information on alignment, prescriptive use of forms, or sequencing, which makes it trauma-informed and somatic-focused. This leaves facilitators free to create a shared, authentic experience that is non-coercive and non-prescriptive. The cards are divided into 6 colour-coded categories with 8-10 cards each: Bending Forward, Bending Backward, Balancing, Standing, Twisting, and Resting and Breathing. The included 60-page booklet encourages facilitators and kids to focus on their own experience of each shape in the moment, via a variety of games and explorations. Keeping the cards simple with no text encourages a more trauma-sensitive approach, which can be used in a variety of settings including small groups, classrooms, and one-on-one.





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