Reset & Recharge

Reset & Recharge
online one to one yoga course

Let’s get it Om!

The Reset & Recharge online one to one yoga course is designed around your goals and intentions, taking into consideration your needs and wants from your yoga practice.

This yoga course is tailored 100% just for you!

Giving you full PYT (Personal Yoga Teacher) support by our qualified yoga instructor Mimi, so that you can learn the yoga postures, meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques correctly and safely. 

After each session, we will make you yoga video content intended to motivate and support you in keeping up your yoga practice while enhancing it, so you can experience all the incredible benefits that yoga hosts, on and off the mat, forever! 

All video content is created just for you! It is HD (High Definition) quality, and yours to keep.

At the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to forward your yoga practice, on, or offline, at home, or in a class environment.

Is this yoga course for you?

  • Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or depression?

  • Do you have sleepless nights or experience insomnia symptoms?

  • Do you want to increase your fitness, strength and flexibility?

  • Do you want to correct your posture?

  • Are you seeking focus and mental clarity, or want a calm mind?

  • Do you have a hectic work schedule and can’t find time to attend a yoga class?

  • Do you have a busy home life and can’t find time to attend a yoga class?

  • Do you find it hard to stick to your yoga plan?

  • Do you want to advance your yoga practice?

  • Do you want to experience all the wonderful benefits that yoga hosts?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this yoga course is designed just for you!

Whatever your goals and intentions may be, we will tailor this yoga course around you, and guide you through meditation (mental clarity), pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (yoga poses) and mindfulness (a state of conscious being).

What does the course entail?

  • A Pre-Course Consultation

TO assist you in SETting YOUR targets and GOALS, AND to give you a CLEAR OUTLINE OF THE COURSE ahead.

  • 4 X Private one to one Yoga And Meditation Sessions

Online Private yoga sessions with Mimi as your PYT – Personal Yoga Teacher

  • 4 X HD Yoga Flow Videos

HD yoga videos created just for you! After each yoga session, based upon our previous session together, and your needs and wants, so you can continue and progress with your yoga practice until we meet again in the next session.

  • 4 Weeks Of Mimi as your PYT – Personal Yoga Teacher

Mimi will be at your ‘beck and call’ to guide you, support you, and motivate you to achieve your goals, and stick to your yoga practice.

  • 1 X Weekly Check-In And Chat Video Call

A weekly video call to see how you are progressing, talk over the course and motivate you to keep up your yoga practice, so it becomes part of your daily routine.


  • Discounts On Just Mimi And Just Yoga Events And Retreats Worldwide

Our Reset & Recharge Members get priority and get exclusive discounts on any of our future events or retreats.

  • Exclusive Access To The Reset & Recharge Facebook Group

After the 4 weeks, I don’t just leave you there, as you get exclusive access to my Reset & Recharge Facebook group, whereby I’ll give you continued guidance and support.

  • A Post Course Bespoke Extended HD Yoga Flow Video

Tailor-made just for you. either two 30 minute videos, or an hour-long yoga flow; whichever suits your daily routine the best. based upon everything we have learned from the course, and focusing on your needs and wants, for you to take away and adopt into your daily lifestyle, so you can experience all the incredible benefits that yoga hosts, on and off the mat, forever! 

Where do I start?

Click the link below to enrol now.