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We are eternally grateful for all of your feedback – thank you!

We had the pleasure of Mimi facilitating a number of yoga sessions over a weekend as part of a larger sporting event held in Blackpool; the girls came from all over the North West, we had over 2,500 girls aged between 5-18 trying some different sports and yoga was one of those on offer. The girls had a great time learning some yoga moves; Mimi’s passion and love of yoga are ever present in her teaching. Hopefully, the girls left the sessions richer in knowledge and awareness, and who knows, maybe we’ve inspired some budding yoga teachers or students? – Girl Guiding North West England

I’ve just had my first session with Mimi, and it was an amazing experience. As a beginner, I was a little nervous, but she immediately put me at ease, understanding my concerns and issues, explaining and demonstrating as we went along. I feel so relaxed and positive now; I look forward to many more classes with her. Thank you!  – Richard

My first 121 with Mimi was a wonderful experience… Mimi was thoughtful and very aware of what I needed from the practice. Her knowledge of yoga is obvious, and she exudes a gentle, kind and caring persona which instantly sets you at ease. Well worth the journey from Garstang. Thank you Mimi x.  – Joanne

Yoga with Mimi has helped me a lot with my anxiety. I am a recovering heroin addict, and anxiety and depression are one of the most difficult symptoms after many years in active addiction. I would recommend to anyone recovering from addiction or trauma, mental health issues to try yoga it can make a big difference. The yoga classes with Mimi are fun and relaxing. Thank you for everything, I will be back soon to do more yoga xox. – Adi

Mimi is a wonderful patient instructor, who loves nothing more than to share her love of yoga with you in her classes. After an hour of yoga, you feel completely refreshed and ready to take on the world outside. Not only is it great for your mind it’s also great for your body. Give her a try and fall in love with yoga. – Natasha

I find yoga so relaxing after a stressful day, Mimi is amazing and talks you through all the steps, I would never have considered yoga before, but now I love it, Thank you Mimi x. – Ronnie

Had the most magical morning with Mimi doing yoga. I was very nervous about going as I struggle to go to new places sometimes, but I am so so glad that I went. The class was amazing. I felt so relaxed and at ease. Even though I had only been to one yoga class before, and could not remember a single move, Mimi explained what to do with each move perfectly. I would highly recommend going to one of Mimi’s classes. She is a brilliant teacher. – Becki

Well, its now approximately 14 months I’ve been under Mimi’s instruction & I have to say I’m enjoying it more than ever, the vinyasa & power classes are nothing short of spectacular, they leave you feeling on top of the world! As for Mimi herself, this is a lady EVERYBODY needs in their life, happy, oozing positivity & vitality & a credit to the human race. So whether it’s online, in class or on social media, this lady will change your perspective on a lot of things, in the most positive way. – Rob

Mimi’s shares a creative, heartfelt, playful practice with just the right amount of challenge to stretch and grow you outside of your comfort zone. The practice flows beautifully throughout and incorporates a fusion of yoga wisdom and self-love philosophy. Mindful cues are offered throughout to keep you safe with just right amount of space and silence to allow your own yoga experience to arise. Highly recommend Mimi’s classes thank you for all the beautiful practices. – Candice

Has great energy about her, great session with Mimi, would recommend highly. – Terry

My 13-year-old daughter and I had a session with Mimi yesterday at her beautiful home studio – we learnt so much in just an hour to help with our flexibility and yoga practice. We’ll definitely be booking again soon! X. – Denise

Mimi is a kind, thoughtful and patient teacher for whom yoga is a way of life. Her classes are also a lot of fun. I started yoga 4 months ago at 60 yrs old and can now handstand. I wish I’d discovered it 30 years ago. Mimi has taught me a meditative mindset I didn’t know I possessed and this, combined with the flow of the class, is an awesome experience. Give it a go; you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Mimi XX. – Dave

Just had a great intro to yoga 2-1 session with Mimi and bloody loved it! Very patient, calming and intuitive. It was like a mind and body therapy session, and I got so much from it! Just what I needed, and I can’t wait to get to some weekly sessions now! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to try yoga. – Emma

Well having just had another great class with Mimi I thought I should tell everyone how amazing she is. So just to put things in perspective, I’m 6,2, 45 years of age, bad knee’s and not the slimmest of figures! So why yoga you might ask, well something new, less joint intensive, a great workout and to be honest, good fun! That said, well Mimi is brilliant, her enthusiasm is infectious; her need to try new things is inspiring, and her ability to teach something she is passionate about to people like me is admirable. She is knowledgable, patient and makes every class enjoyable! – Martyn

I met Mimi on a Snow and Yoga retreat. Before the trip, I was very excited about the snow part but less enthusiastic about the Yoga! To be honest, I fully expected to skip the yoga parts…… but Mimi was awesome. I really enjoyed every session, and when I got home, I was delighted to find a class nearby that I have been to every week. I’m really looking forward to next years snow and yoga retreat, especially the yoga part! I’m hoping that Mimi might be up for doing a gentle pre-ski session as well. – Sam

Mimi is a fabulous teacher, beautiful person and her classes are gorgeous. I have been doing yoga with Mimi since she qualified and truly love her. All levels are covered in class, and you never feel judged, we always have fun and giggle a lot. I can not recommend Mimi enough; I just love her.

Try one of her classes you will not be disappointed – Alison

Mimi’s enthusiasm, positivity, inspirational and individual teaching style are just a few of her virtues. Her teaching reflects her love of yoga, and the variety of yogic themes she delivers means her classes are always fresh and exciting. Mimi teaches in a gentle but assured manner offering guidance across all levels from beginner to experienced yogis. I would highly recommend Mimi & anyone just has to visit one of her classes to appreciate my comments – Cal

Michelle Mimi Ramsey is such an incredible teacher. She has so much knowledge and passion for Yoga. She taught sessions for us during our Snow & Yoga retreat with The Works Retreats and not only delivered amazing sessions as we had a wide range of levels and abilities, but she also converted some of the guys who were first-timers into keeping up the practice once they got home. Highly recommend Mimi.  Emma

I’ve been practising yoga on and off for many years, however, since coming to Mimi’s classes for the last year I can honestly say that my practice has been enriched on so many levels. Mimi is passionate about yoga and has a wonderful infectious energy. She creates beautiful dynamic flows that are not just physically stimulating but also include a mix of restorative postures. Mimi’s classes are well thought out, and she has an excellent music playlist. I love listening to the short poems and affirmations that Mimi includes in her classes. There is no pressure or judgment in Mimi’s classes, her power class, in particular, is joyful and fun. Mimi’s teaching has made me realise that on a physical level yoga isn’t just about working on flexibility but that strength is also important. Coming to Mimi’s classes has certainly helped me strengthen my body and calm my mind, and I look forward to each and every class. I feel very fortunate that Mimi is a part of my yoga journey. – Karen

Mimi is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. Her classes are unconventional, unique, interesting, playful and I would highly recommend them. Mimi makes you feel at ease whether you are an experienced or novice yogi. I feel amazing in mind, body and soul after some ‘Me time’ in her class. Namaste, Thank you. – Libby

Yoga has become the calm I seek in this busy world, and Mimi has been a huge part of my growth both physically and spiritually. She is encouraging, funny and inspiring and you leave her classes excited about what the next one will involve. Her Facebook posts are honest, real and relatable which is a rare quality to have these days. I believe that you are meant to meet people in life for a reason- Mimi crossed my path to guide my practice and remind me what’s important in life. – Sarah

I’ve attempted to do yoga many times, but having a weeks retreat with The Works Retreats last year and Michelle Mimi Ramsey (Just Mimi) teaching – finally got it!! I found myself relaxing into it naturally and not trying; I found myself quite emotional after a session (and that’s not me!). I have come back to the UK and not yet found anyone who can teach quite like Mimi, calm, thoughtful, understanding, patient. I’m hoping Mimi will be back next year so I can find that little bit of tranquillity in me that is deeply hidden that she managed to tap into. If you are a yoga sceptic / trying to get it .. work with Mimi – Julia

I’ve been to a few of Mimi’s classes now. A beginner/intermediate Monday class and also a more advanced Saturday morning class. Mimi is amazing. So happy and calm. Really motivating with such a lovely light around her. Really knowledgeable and a super teacher. Great for the body and mind. She’s got loads of classes so check out her page. Shes even doing a 4-week kids yoga course which she will be perfect for. – Dawn

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to have someone to one session’s with Mimi as well as joining her group classes. Whether a group or one to one situation, her teaching style is fantastic and enthusiasm infectious. She constantly challenges you to go further without being pushy which means my progress in just a few one to one sessions has gone much further than I ever expected it would have. She is genuinely interested in knowing what you want to achieve and makes sure she plans out your lesson to suit that. I would 100% recommend to anyone whether beginner or more advanced to book in with Mimi – you won’t regret it! – Hannah

Having just had a baby (who’s now 5 months old) following quite a traumatic birth, it left me with some significant pelvic floor damage – not a group of muscles I’ve ever given a lot of thought to if I’m honest. After seeing a physio and a consultant at the hospital, they both recommended I tried a form of lower impact exercise and said yoga would be perfect for me. I was a little sceptical and wary of the meditation side of it, but I absolutely love it! Mimi’s Hot yoga classes are challenging, and you feel like your body has had a great workout. They leave me feeling glowing. The pace and breathing allow me time to focus and concentrate on my pelvic floor. Mimi is always on hand to help out, and there is no pressure whatsoever – I often sit a position out if I don’t feel my body is capable just yet – I know one day I will be able to do it! I’ve also fallen in love with the relaxation and meditation aspect of her classes – having a toddler, a baby and a stressful job, it allows me time for just me. Mimi’s a fantastic teacher – I’d get to more of her classes if I could! – Caroline

I love Mimi’s yoga class- she always makes you feel welcome and challenges you to try out new moves with confidence! The best yoga class I’ve ever done! – Taneesha

Really enjoyed my first early morning yoga class with Mimi. I’m new to the area and have been looking for a class for a while! I can highly recommend her class – Catherine

My first yoga class (not Mimi) wasn’t for me. Then I started Mimi’s class. And I’m hooked. She has taught me so much in only 5 classes. She talks you through each move and how to breathe properly which is where I had previously struggled. It has helped with my anxiety, and I feel more centred and balanced. I look forward to each class.  – Anna

Today was my first ever yoga class, and I’m so pleased I went with Mimi. Such a Great class, with good people and so relaxing. Can’t wait for my next session. – Emma

My first class with Mimi was on the 2nd of June this year (not long ago), and I can only thank her for her contagious energy and beautifulness. I feel part of something greater since I’ve started my yoga journey. You get in my mind in such a positive way that the changes in my life (mentally and physically) are already visible in everything I do and in the way I think and face my life. Thank you – Mena

Mimi is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are for anyone, any level. She makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. I leave her classes feeling strong, uplifted and with a heart full of love. Emma

Amazing! Good pace to follow, Mimi made me feel welcomed and calm, did not feel nervous as a beginner. Going to go to as many classes as possible and I recommend you do the same! Xx. – Sophie

So I’ve done a few classes with Mimi in a few different venues… but some things never change when you do a class with Mimi: You will be challenged. You will have fun, and there will be at least one innovative “AHA” moment! Mimi’s positive attitude and warm personality make these classes something of a unique and special experience which never fail to brighten up my day. – Hannah

I always look forward to Friday’s yoga class because Mimi is such an excellent teacher and the class is such an enjoyable experience. After the class, I feel that I have worked my body and also my mind, through meditation and relaxation. Mimi radiates positive energy, and this spreads to all her students. I recommend Mimi’s yoga classes to everyone who would like to feel better about themselves and enjoy a fantastic yoga session with a great teacher. – Helen

Had my first hot yoga session with Mimi and I looooved it. A fabulous flow session, offering some great progressive & challenging moves. Mimi has a real calming & inspiring influence. Thank you – Jayne

Mimi is an absolutely wonderful yoga teacher. I try and spend my Saturday mornings with her at Yoga Blackpool – setting wonderful and positive intentions for my weekend and week ahead. She is warm, inclusive, fun and also stretches my limits each time which I love. She makes yoga fun and challenging – what more could I ask for. Thank you, Mimi xx – Melanie