Yoga Benefits

Yoga benefits

Meditating can change your mood completely!

What is Yoga, and how can it benefit you?

Yoga meaning union, or oneness’, is a body and mind practice system of techniques and guidance to enhance the well-being of one’s life on all levels of the physical, mental and spiritual.

Yoga is a practice of Mindfulness (a state of conscious being), Asana (yoga poses), Pranayama (breath work), and Meditation (mental clarity).

More than just a physical discipline on the yoga mat, more than just a spiritual philosophy, yoga is a lifestyle; a principle of living a more peaceful, happier, enriched and fulfilled life.

Developed in ancient India up to 5000 years ago, the practice has been passed down from teacher to student throughout the ages; widening its reach over the millennia until it has achieved the global popularity of today.

The Benefits of Yoga

There are a plethora of exceptional benefits of yoga, on both the physical and mental level, such as:

Reducing Anxiety, stress and depression

Regulating your adrenal glands; lowering cortisol (the stress hormone), aiding mental health, curbing panic attacks, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms.

Enhanced Fitness

Yoga offers improved balance and flexibility, the building of muscle strength, aids better posture and prevents cartilage and joint breakdown.

Improved Sleep, and the healing of aches and pains

Additional improvements will also be seen in sleep efficiency; including a reduction of insomnia symptoms, and likewise in the healing of aches and pains; including chronic neck and back pain.

weight loss, Heart Healthy, and Cancer-fighting

Yoga’s heart healthy too, lowering blood pressure and reducing cardiovascular risk, aiding weight loss, and even having cancer-fighting properties!

Benefits for seniors

Further advantages of yoga for seniors are the regulating of hypertension (high blood pressure), in addition, to ‘safely increasing physical activity in arthritis sufferers’

Benefits for kids

Yoga has extraordinary benefits for children too, ranging from: ‘improved focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behaviour, and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children.

Increased Brainwave activity

There’s even research into the effects of yoga on the brain waves, in which this particular study proves that; ‘breathing, meditation, and posture-based yoga increased overall brain wave activity’thus having ‘cognitive advantages amongst yoga practitioners versus non-practitioners.’

Yoga Benefits Off The Mat

Yoga is a lifestyle that benefits you long after your physical practice. Perks range from, having a better body image, post-yoga cardiovascular benefits, and again weight loss.


As you can see, yoga hosts a wide range of outstanding benefits across the spectrum, for all ages.

Yoga is exceptionally good fun too and is possibly one of, if not, the best approach to obtain this many benefits at once undertaking an exhilarating, empowering, enlightening practice.


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